Abby — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Oskaloosa, Iowa

I have 60 years of dog training and when I got Abby it was because my first service dog got sick with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. She was a rescue that they said they were going to euthanize. I knew she might be a challenge but I just could not let that happen. I trained with her for over 4 months daily and she was 16months old. She had some old habits to break and lots of new ones to learn. She went right to work and learned to be in a house, all the house sounds and situations. She learned all her basic tasks in two weeks. Then she worked on heeling, stay, and general bonding. By the second month we were working on her reaction to me not moving on the floor and what she would do.
The very first time I took her out she saved my life. I go into anaphylaxis. I was her lifesaver and she is mine.

Because of this way we got together and avoid euthanasia I started this site. and have written a bill to the state legislature to stop service dog abuse. A site is a place for all rescues to upload dogs and get them adopted for service dogs.

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