Abby — Search and Rescue

Location: Jamestown, Rhode Island

Abby a 11 year old bloodhound trained to find missing humans and pets. Through her career she’s reunited over 100 pets alive and well and only 4 she gave closure to the families. There are 2 rescues that stands out among the many Abby has. The 2 would be, Ivy the missing cat who was owned by a 91 year old gentleman who was devastated that Ivy was missing. Since Ivy went missing the man was loosing weight which concerned his doctors, friends and family. It was a urgent need to reunite the 2. Abby did just that. Abby never gave up searching for 3 months! Abby keeps in touch with Ivy and her human friend (95 now). The other was Bruschi who was lost during back to back snow storms, his owners stuck at the airport due to the back to back snow storms. Abby and her team found Bruschi a white lab, baying down, with his fur frozen to the ground, Bruschi was dying, slowly freezing to death, Abby and team had to break him from the ground to save him, he could not walk, they carried him to the waiting truck and slowly warmed him. A call to his owners still stuck at airport to say he was home safe , made them cry in happiness!

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