Alepo — Service

Charity Partner: ADI
Location: Clovis, California

Alepo is a nine-year-old male, cream Labrador retriever, and together we graduated from “Canine Partners for Life” team training in the summer of “2012”. We have been together now for over nine (9) years.

Alepo warns me in advance of my “seizures” in a completely accurate and reliable manner. He is determined with each warning to get my attention and to get me to react quickly. He isn’t satisfied until I am lying down and he can place his front legs across my waist. And he won’t let me get up until my “seizure’ is completely over. He then gets up, and licks my face – giving me the signal that it is “OK” for me to get up, slowly.

I experience frequent problems with balance now and Alepo supports me through this constant challenge. He wears a support harness, which I always have a good grip on. This provides the necessary support that I need to prevent me from falling.

He has helped to restore a “level of normalcy” in my life over the years that have helped me deal with my disability in the most positive way. Having advanced warning of my seizures has stopped epilepsy from controlling my life.

I continue to physically struggle with epilepsy, but I am more independent, I travel and get out more – I enjoy life more, thanks to my service dog, named: ALEPO ! We are a team and we are in this battle together.