Ali Mae — Shelter

Location: White Deer, Texas

This is Ali Mae. She was found on the side of a four lane highway at just four months old, and was almost ran over multiple times before finally being able to be caught. She was covered in marks, and scrapes from being beat (and still has some scars). Our small town doesn’t have a shelter, so my grandma ended up with this terrified pup. Ali would hide behind the toilet in the bathroom and just scream anytime you even cracked the door. For the first few days, we couldn’t even touch her; she was absolutely terrified of us, and it was heart breaking. My grandma asked me to start working with her so we could, hopefully, get her adopted into a wonderful home. I spent hours sitting on the bathroom, until the little brown pup finally had a break through. Once she decided I was okay, we were best friends. The more I worked with her, the more I fell in love, but I knew there was no way I’d be able to keep Ali. I was totally crushed knowing someone was going to adopt her, and I would probably never see her again. On Easter morning in 2017, my now husband and grandma surprised me with my Ali dog. Now, she is my best friend, and has come a long ways from where she was. She is still quite terrified of people, but has made great progress. She loves going to Tractor Supply, and loves the lake. She knows a multitude of tricks, and will model for the camera. She also alerts to my anxiety and migraines. Ali has changed the dark parts of my life into some of the brightest, and I’m so thankful.

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