Ally Mae — Shelter

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Last March I lost my service animal to a degenerative disease that Vets did not notice until he had be paralyzed from his last 6 vertebra within 24 hours. We had to put him down very suddenly and it broke my heart. After this tragic time I started to spend time at the local animal shelter just visiting dogs who had broken hearts much like mine was due to losing someone I loved as well. The staff had seen me quite a few times and one day when I asked to see a male dog they asked me if I would ever consider a female dog. They then proceeded to ask me if I would just meet this dog they have because they thought we would make a good pair after hearing about my story with my previous service animal. I said sure, not realizing who I would meet that day. When they brought in Ally with her sweet eyes my heart was sold and I had not even heard her story yet. Ally had three previous owners, her first owners gave her up when she was only 6 months old because they didn’t want a dog anymore, after that a family took her in and soon they realized their life style was not for a dog and brought her back, the last family to adopt her decided they didn’t want a dog anymore opened up the door and let her live on the streets for 6 months in the winter without anyone to love her or a place to call home. When the rescue shelter found her they called the owners and they said they didn’t want her anymore so they let her go and so the shelter kept her. Ally is the most genuine and beautiful soul.