Andi — Service

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When I heard about the Hero Dog awards, I just knew I had to submit Andi. She is more than a Hero Dog in my mind. She’s a life changer, life saver, a blessing, a gift and an absolute GOD send! When people meet Andi, they are always blown away when they find out she’s only 1 year old. My Step Father is going through Chemo currently. On a recent visit to the hospital with me, I took off Andi’s work vest and she just loved to sit with him and with the other patients and allow them to love on her. You can never love on Andi too much when she is not working and she knows when it is time to get back to work when I put her vest on. I would be honored to attend the event in LA later this year, just to be able to show everyone what a true Hero Service Dog looks like! Whether she’s selected or not, she will always be my Hero in my book!
The photo included was taken of her in Ohio while visiting my very ill step father. I like to call her princess Andi, because she loves to wear her bling. This bling was from Rhoback, who sponsored Andi’s training. I cannot ever repay American Humane and/or Rhoback enough for giving me life back! When I found out I was selected to get her, I put my fears behind me, gave the situation to God and went with what American Humane selected as a best match for me. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was going to be my life line to freedom and love. They could not have chosen a better dog in my mind. Hope you get to meet my Hero Dog of my life.