Andy — Law Enforcement / Arson

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Andy (formerly Chief) is without a doubt a hero. He was trained by the military, and then acquired by the Chicago Police Department as a working bomb dog. Because of his great nature, and impeccable skills, he made a phenomenal working companion. However, Andy has a fear of crowds so the Police Department had to retire him. That’s when Andy’s real job as a hero began. My dad, a retired Chicago police Captain, had recently lost his eight-year-old black lab, Amos. When he heard the police department was retiring this black lab, Chief. He went to meet him, and fell in love. That’s the day he came into his new home and was renamed Andy. Andy is my dad’s companion, cheers him up when needed, and is always looking out for him. My dad is my hero, and Andy is his. For that, I am eternally grateful, because that dog is not just a pet, but a faithful forever friend who had another mission in life. He fulfills it every single day.

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