Apollo — Service

Location: Elgin, South Carolina

Not all rescues are fails, some choose you because they are meant to save you.

I found Apollo when his puppy momma had 7 pups. We went to his foster’s house and sat for over an hour trying to pick one of the 7. Well that little brat, wouldn’t stop untying my shoes. But that was perfect for me, spunky enough, but kind enough.

Well, this is why he is in the service dog category, he grew up to be my service dog. I am immune compromised, and have all the good diseases to go with it. I started having Sarcoidosis attacks about every 7 – 10 days, would be vomiting for anywhere from 12 – 26 hours. Apollo, started following me and monitoring me every time I got sick. Trust me, I haven’t peed alone in 3 years.

So we started our two years of task and public access training. He helps me stay still during attacks (DPT) and during my weekly immune treatments, he knows forward motion to guide me when I get sick (my muscles and mind stop working well) and he can gather items for me, knows how to use my phone and computer.

Apollo now is a member of the school I teach at. He comes everyday with me for my medical alerts and monitoring. Every day, every moment, he is saving my life. The only fault he has, he can never be Irish, because he can’t hold his licker.