Apollo — Therapy

Charity Partner: Attitudes in Reverse
Location: San Luis Obispo, California

Pass on therapy, no chance! Therapy is something that I would reckon is for anyone with a brain or a dog. What could be a private one-on-one session can just as easily be a fun-on-fun session! That is, when a dog and a human brain occupy a close space at the same point in time, something amazing happens. Truly, without regard for anything else in the world, the dog, and the human share an eternal moment, even if it is just a brief pat on the head in-between transit during a busy day. I say this because my dog Apollo actively seeks out these intangible moments every day. It could be due to his therapy training, that opened him up to another side of being a dog, or it could be the lovely areas in which he makes his rounds, or it could be the pure, soft, and gentle soul leaking out of his every gaze, every gesture, and every fiber of his being. And oh boy do his dog fibers get around – even birds have furnished their nests with Apollo’s hair!

I nominate Apollo, for the 2018 American Humane Hero Dog Awards, not only due to his positive effect on myself and others but for his inability to nominate himself. Apollo has an incredible intuition that leads me to only imagine the rich inner life he must lead. He makes a conscious effort to acknowledge the entirety of a person, any day. He is a giver, a bearer of love. He is humble with, yet proud of, his own accomplishments. I know absolutely, like the ear to ear grin in this photograph might tell you, Apollo is a Hero.