Artemis — Shelter

Location: Hibbing, Minnesota

Artemis was only 4 months old when brought to a foster home shelter in the cities of Minnesota. There she was overlooked multiple times do to her hyperactivity and the sad circumstances that she was a black dog. Just a month prior our family put our final dog a shitzu named Dori to sleep, and it was hitting me harder than imagined. I was on my own and with my mental and physical health deteriorating, I was looking for a potential service dog puppy. Artemis wasn’t anywhere near the first dog that I looked at to get but she happened to be the one I brought home. Like all things in my life getting her was a struggle, I was it again having to fight to have a best friend. With some struggles behind us And plenty more ahead of us, we work each and every day to become the best team possible. That being said she is one day going to be my service dog. I have taken her through puppy class and beginner obedience training. Where she is known as a star puppy student. I truly believe in the saying Who Rescued Who. If not for her I don’t believe I would be here right now, and who knows where she would be this year, luckily we have each other. She may not have seen the horror other shelter dogs have but this will be a k-9 rags to riches story you won’t want to miss.