Axel — Shelter

Location: Dansville, New York

Axel is a rescue from Bright Star German Shepherd in Rochester NY. Axel is not only a rescue, but he is a hero. This is his story from Today. It was a rough start this morning. As per usual Megs began to see to her duty of taking the dog out this morning. I was woken by a whining dog, pouncing on my chest with his leash still attached. Instantly I knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Knowing that the temps outside were very cold, I feared the absolute worst. I asked Axel “Where is Meggie?” He whined louder with a little yelp, leaped off me and booked it down the hall to the stairwell and then down. I called her name, no answer from her, but a loud whine from Axel. As I was coming down the back stairs I noticed there was no draft, which told me all the doors to outside were closed. I called her name again louder and I heard her groan, and then “Mommy@ in a gruntled and muffled disoriented voice. My heart sank, but I was relieved. She wasn’t outside. Megan was laid on her side, Axel at her back holding her up. She was pale, with vomit and some blood coming from her mouth, as she had bitten her tongue. She was just coming out of her postictal phase and coming to, fully dressed in winter gear. I got her up and moved into the living room. She said @Axel knocked me down. Wouldn’t let me outside. That’s all I remember. “ Axel saved my daughters life when he sensed she was not well. He prevented her from going outside in sub zero temps. He’s an amazing dog, with amazing instincts.

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