Axel — Law Enforcement

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania

I adopted Axel at just 9 weeks old as a companion to help me deal with the after effects of combat from serving in the a Marine Corps. We became attached rather quickly. While out in the woods together I continuously noticed his passion to search for items. After numerous weeks I decided to contact a local search and rescue k9 team. They conducted a evaluation and decided axel had what it takes to be air scent dog. We trained for many months sharpening our skills together. One day while working my police department I was contacted by a director of a police K9 Academy offering to conduct an evaluation on Axel and I to become a police K9 team. The evaluation was conducted and determined that Axel had the drive/characteristics to be a police K9. We attended a lengthy training schedule and completed our certification in firearms/explosives detection. In axel’s short period on this earth, he has been a companion, a saving grace to a military veteran, a search and rescue k9, to currently a police k9. He continues to impress me daily and is one of the friendly dogs that the community we serve fell in love with. I nominate axel for the American Hero dog because not only does he protect a community but saved a veteran from the darkness of war. We all had that “one” dog in our lives and axel will forever be that dog embedded in my heart. Because of him I am here today and for that he deserves this award.

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