Bad Girl — Shelter

Location: Statham, Georgia

This is Bad Girl. Her origional name is Iris. She got her new name due to being the baddest dog on my farm. She chases off vultures, climbs 6 ft fences, gets the piglets back in if they escape, holds chickens if I need to catch them. She was living on a back porch and the owners messaged me and asked if I could come get her. They called her “jumpy” and said they out her out because she jumped. She was so tiny! She was brought to me in a box, 1# and very smelly. I took her into the bathroom at the Wendy’s where we met and I gave her a bath in the sink in the bathroom and dried her off. We went home and the rest is history. Well, almost. Right before Christmas I couldn’t find her. I finally did find her and she was curled up in a crate (we keep several around for the dogs to crawl up and take a nap) and when I called her she didn’t come out. Pulled out the blanket and blood everywhere. Rushed to the vet. No temp, no blood pressure. She was sent home to die. One of my dog walking clients asked me to rush her to UGA. I did. She was recuissitated upon intake. Two weeks later her ears started falling off. Zoom in. It’s called vetisculiar frostbite. Her ears were dying. Now she is recovered and her final diagnosis was hemmraging gastritis. She now has ears that look like leaves. Her ears are as unique as she is. Only 3# and she is the BAD GIRL. My Bad Girl. And I love her! Rescue dogs rock!

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