Bailey — Shelter

Location: Peculiar, Missouri

Bailey was found in January 2017 on a cold night by a stop sign in the country. He sat there for 2 hours waiting for his owner to come back and you trying to get into trucks and cars when they pulled up to the stop sign. We are just left the movie of the first night it opened a Dog’s Purpose we had our grandchildren in the car. A lady had her door open with Bailey sitting in it asking us if we knew the dog. We live two miles away they said we’d never seen him before he has to be a dump. We took him home next morning went to see if he was chipped he was neutered he was a year old we ran ads all over. Posted signs and nobody came forward kept him 7 days as the shelter said. We got him microchipped and shots and named him Bailey after the the show A Dog’s Purpose!

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