Bambi — Shelter

Location: Williamstown, New Jersey

Bambi was found abandoned in GA. She was taken in and placed in a rescue group. She was then selected after two months to come up to PA through Animal Aid USA Rescue Relocation efforts . Once at her receiving rescue partners adoption facility it was determined she needed to have an FHO to correct an injury she must have sustained while living as a stray. Placed in a foster home, she wasn’t recovering in a timely fashion and had lost the ability to know when she had to go to the bathroom. The rescue group reached back out to Animal Aid to see if they could take her back since their vet believed that she more than likely had some type of neuro issue or tumor on her spine. It was too expensive for them to have all the testing done to confirm that diagnosis. Animal Aid immediately agreed to take her back to their rescue complex in GA and let her live out her days down there. On the night of departure from NJ to GA, Bambi was bought to our house. Once there, my husband and I absolutely thought it best if she never went back to GA and lived right here with us and our other 9 misfits. Months went by and Bambi was asked to participate in a national Physical Therapy for Pets convention, where she was seen by a vet from Cornell University. Bambi clearly sustained orthopedic trauma .Despite her unsteady hind end, she is never unhappy. She runs like the wind and she is our baby girl! She is an inspiration and we are blessed that it was just fate she came to our home!