Banner The Super Dog — Service

Charity Partner: Paws for Purple Hearts
Location: Menlo, Georgia

My name is Whitney and I have a psychiatric/medical alert service dog.

Banner is a husky, an unconventional service dog for an unconventional handler. We were told often in the beginning we would fail, that Banner could never become my hero. We worked hard, from 8 weeks old to get to where we are today. Banner performs more tHan 5 tasks that make me able to live an independent life. I can enjoy my children’s play at school, I can go grocery shopping by myself, and so much more.

Banner gave me my independence, she made me strong when I wanted to do nothing but curl in a ball and cry. She is my rock, my anchor, and she has helped me get past my past.
When I was young, I was emotionally, physically, verbally, and sexually abused. My mother and step father deserve no title of parenthood, they were monsters. After finally escaping my past, I tried to erase it. I jumped into a marriage when a boyfriend of two years. After I became pregnant, the beatings began.

My PTSD made me relive horrible things, and it made it where I could not move forward.

She cosplays as characters to raise awareness for invisible disabilities, service dog etiquette, and an anti-bullying campaign.

She also published a children’s book called Banner The Super Dog to help reach out to young children.

When she isn’t being my personal hero, she is educating the masses about service dogs and invisible disabilities.

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