Bart — Shelter

Location: Manistee, Michigan

In 2014, my (now) husband and I decided we wanted to add a fur baby to our home. It was very important to us that we adopted from a rescue, not purchase from a breeder. After much research, we came across a pit bull rescue about an hour and a half away from our home. The woman running the rescue traveled to our home with three candidates she thought would be good fits for our household.
When we met Bart, we fell in love. This little love bug had been bounced around for the first two years of his life, foster to foster after being rescued as a puppy (along with his mother and siblings). Before being saved, Bart was involved in one dog fight, which left some slightly visible scars on his face and a fear of the many unknowns of everyday life. Bart has been my saving grace, my shoulder to cry on, my snuggle buddy and most importantly, my best friend.
I struggle with severe anxiety, panic disorder and depression and spend the majority of my time at home. Bart can always tell when I am anxious or upset about something and he instantly runs to the rescue. His goofy personality shines on a daily basis from praising a treat when he receives one, walking backwards on the tiled kitchen floor to avoid sliding, getting his lip stuck on his underbite and giving human-like hugs while standing on his hind legs.
The only regret that we have is that we didn’t find him sooner. I like to think that Bart’s motto is “If you can’t see the bright side, I’ll sit with you in the dark.”

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