Basia — Service


I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was a toddler. As of several years ago I no longer feel the lows, I have a lot of them and will pass out, get to a store and not know where I am. Even got so bad I wasn’t allowed to drive anymore. I had a transplant Feb 2014. Spent the next 4 months in the hospital going thru 2 rejections. It failed and I was devastated. I was out of options, I had tried sensors and every new device there is out to help diabetics but it did not work for me. I did some research and found a wonderful non profit organization. Basia trained for 2 years and we met Sept 2015. It was an instant connection. I have 9 autoimmune diseases and I fall a lot so she helps in so many ways. My family has a piece of mind now when they are at work/school during the day.

A few months after I got Basia I had fallen asleep in the afternoon. She jumped up and must had been trying to wake me for a while because she scratched my arm and that’s when I woke up. She jumped off the bed and got my meter. I checked my sugar and it was 31. She then went and got the juice out of the fridge. I try not to think about what could have happened if she wouldn’t have been there. I have several severe lows a week so Basia is a busy girl. I fall a lot and the first time I had fallen after I got Basia she was right there by me, I said brace and she did. I had hurt my back pretty bad. Basia is my hero. She has saved my life several times.