Bear — Law Enforcement / Arson

Charity Partner: Throw Away Dogs
Location: Uxbridge, Massachusetts

K9 Bear joined the ranks of our department in 2015. Bear is the first Police K9 in our department’s history. After graduating from the prestigious Boston Police K9 Academy, K9 Bear hit the streets. During one of Bear’s first shifts he was called to locate and apprehend an intoxicated domestic violence suspect. Bear quickly tracked down and located the suspect. The suspect surrendered without incident. We later found out that the suspect had a long criminal history, including assaults on law enforcement. The suspect told us that he thought about running or resisting, until he saw Bear.

About a week later, K9 Bear was scheduled to be officially sworn in as an Officer. Shortly before the ceremony, Bear and his handler were called to assist in a vehicle pursuit on the highway. The vehicle being pursued crashed into the K9 cruiser at highway speed and totaled it. Fortunately, both Bear and his handler were able to walk away without injury. K9 Bear continued on undaunted.

In the last year, K9 Bear has tracked down suspects, found lost citizens, located evidence, detected narcotics, and performed in countless K9 demonstrations. In the beginning, we said that if Bear saves one life, the new K9 program would be a success. In just one year K9 Bear has far exceeded our expectations. K9 Bear has truly become a hero dog to our community.