Bear — Shelter

Location: Cleveland, Tennessee

I found Bear in someone’s backyard, he was very malnourished, he could barely walk, he was on a chain outside. He was about a year old. I called and told a shelter about it, they took the dog. A few weeks later i went to check on him, he was a happy, healthy dog, he was also up for adoption. He was in that shelter for almost 3 months, and I felt so angry that no one wanted him, so I went and adopted him. He wasn’t too good with other animals, he went after practically anything, but one day we were walking around my neighborhood, and i see this dog limping (she looked just like Bear). Bear, somehow got loose; I’m scared he’s gonna hurt her, but when he gets over there, he grabbed the dog in the back of the neck (from the fur) and brings her to me. I don’t know if the dog was just too tired to defend herself, or she just knew that Bear wasnt gonna hurt her. So I took her to the shelter and the next day they tell me to bring Bear in too. I was confused, but apparently the dog and Bear are twins. So the previous owner of Bear had more dogs. A few weeks later the dog is up for adoption, and again no one wanted her. I already had a dog, I wasn’t thinking of getting another one, but then the shelter asked me to take her. So I did, her name is Pepper. The owner’s dogs were all taken away, some were just too sick to save. Im leaving the breed for the end because if you knew the breed, it might have changed your perspective on the story, anyway, they are Stafforshire Terriers, or pitbulls.

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