Bear — Shelter

Location: Casselberry, Florida

Bear was an accident. I went to a shelter, not thinking I would find my companion that day. Then I stumbled upon Bear’s kennel. His kennel mate was the one who drew my attention, until I noticed him in the back. Of course, I had to get him out of there. We soon found out he was dumped on the side of the highway. I believe he was abused at some point for how fearful he is if a male raises his hand at him. But it doesn’t stop him from being the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. He became my best friend. I suffer from depression, ptsd, and anxiety. One night, I was having a horrible bout of depression mixed with ptsd. I was about to give up on life. In the moments before anything bad happened, he climbed on me. He knows I’m not strong enough to move him alone. He climbed on me and on my arms to where I could not move, and laid his head on top of my head. It was basically him telling me I am loved. He wouldn’t move until my boyfriend came home and I explained it to him. Ever since then, if anything bad happens, Bear is there. If I’m having a nightmare, he licks my hand to wake me up. If I’m suffering flashbacks or anxiety attacks when it hurts to breathe, he will lay on me or beside me until he is convinced I’m fine. He is inseparable from me, and has become my best friend as well as part of the family.

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