Bear — Service

Location: Dover, Delaware

Bear is a rescue pitbull mix. He was never intended to be a service dog. However he has become an amazing partner to me throughout my trials and issues. He has been a rock to support me and help when I am down, in more ways than one.
He is still young, and very much still in training but he blows me away each and every day with how he handles the little setbacks and takes everything in stride. He blows the breed stereotypes out of the water, proving that there is always a unicorn in every breed of dog, despite the fact that it is unusual, because of Bear I have been able to recognize my passion for dog training, he has helped me to learn things about myself and how I cope with things. Without him I would not have been able to finish my last semester of college, my health had gotten really bad and thanks to him, and his training, i was able to make it through.
He may not be a full service dog yet, and he may not be the typical service dog, but he is a hero. Especially to me.