Beignet — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Freeway's Greyt Escape
Location: Palatine, Illinois

I had been feeling sick in my home. One day I had been Dizzy, lightheaded, to the point of feeling I was to pass out. My carbon dioxide detector never alarmed everything seemed fine. Apparently something wasn’t. My dog jumped on me, barked alerted me to the door, and kept scratching it it open. She wasn’t but a year old yet she new to get her “mommy” to safety. As soon as we got fresh air I felt better even though it took a bit to feel better. She has done this same behavior a few times in her 4 years of her life. Yet, I never found out what the problem was. Even having the gas check as well with no problems detected. Without Beignet, I might of collapsed causing me a great deal of harm.

Another incident, my neighbors dog got out of her yard wandering my townhouse complex. I seen the dog a little ways away. So I let my dog out telling her to bring the neighbors dog here. Beignet runs outside without her leash, locates the medium size dog, leans against her to guide her home. I was amazed at her ability to instinctively help the dog without having been trained to do so. Impressive also that she had never met this particular dog. She guided her back to her home safely even being half if her size! To me she is my little hero!