Bella — Service

Location: Toledo, Ohio

I would not be here without bella ….she has done for more for me then anyone in my life ….she is what a service dog is supposed to be she does her job well and adapts to what I need … I may have trained her myself but she is still every bit a service dog as a any other ….when I’m having flashbacks from ptsd she will instantly pick up on it and come sit with me lick me nuzzle me and does what she has to even if it means getting my focus onto something else ….when my depression gets horribly bad and I don’t want to het out of bed or eat she is right there with me providing what I need from her getting me up and giving me a reason to go on another day …when my anxiety hits and I have severe panic attacks in public she grounds me and gets me focused on her and calms me …. I wouldn’t be able to go shopping or do what a normal person does if I didn’t have her …please consider her she deserves it as much as the next dog does