Bellatrix — Shelter

Location: Great Falls, Montana

We got bella from what was very likely a puppy mill situation. She was 4 months old and clearly never allowed in the house. We had a lot of pretty extreme rain storms and flooding that year and she was clearing outside during all of it. When we’re got her she was just skin and bones with muddy mangy fur and terrified of everything. I started looking for a puppy to train as diabetic service dog. It’s been a long time working with her and she’s getting so good. She’s a lot more comfortable around people and dogs, she’s much more healthy, and she’s a natural with her training. We’re both still learning everyday and though she’s not ready to be called a service dog she’s a great emotional support dog. I have severe depression and she had brought me out if my dark place more times then I can count. She always knows when I need her and will come lay on my chest when I have a panic attack to calm me down or roll over so I can give her belly rubs when I’m crying because she knows it always makes me smile. She is the best running to ever come into my life and I need her just as much, if not more, as she needs me.