Bello — Therapy

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Hi Everyone, My Name is Bello. Eight years ago my life was pretty much over. I was going to be euthanized the next day when my new Mom came, and saved me. Small world, I lived at the end of the street where I was abused, unknown to my mom until she rescued me from the awful neighbor. I weighed 60 pounds. (I am now 90lbs). I was skin, and bones, I had no fur, and pretty much looked like a rat. No-one ever was kind to me. The only kindness I received was when I escaped to my new moms farm, or the ups driver would give me a pat on the head. I cried every night scared, and alone praying someone would save me. Well……My prayers were answered. I now am the happiest dog in the world ,and I wanted to make a difference….so I became a therapy dog… It’s a lot of fun, people always are glad to see me.they hug me, and kiss me, and some even cry and hug me. It’s ok…. I like to help people that are alone like I was. We go to hospitals, rehab facilities, retirement homes, and were the first dogs to be on board at the Parkland shooting last year. I feel as I received a second chance in life so my purpose is to make people smile, and make their day easier.

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