Bishop — Shelter

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Bishop was surrendered by his original owner in August 2018 when he was 11 years old. Bishop, with terrible arthritis and with old age was not adoptable. He spent the majority of his time in and out of foster care and the shelter and was eventually adopted. The adoptive family had a 1 year old child that tried to ride him like a horse. With his bad back and arthritis he didnt like this and snapped at the child as he was physically hurt by him. The family brought bishop back to the shelter where he would move in and out of a few more foster homes.

I was dating a woman who had a dog and I loved having a second dog around. After we broke up I looked online for a companion to my Current dog, princess. I saw bishop and I saw that he has spent 7 months in the shelter and felt he deserved a chance to live out his golden years in a good home. I met bishop, then princess met him and we all connected. Now we are a happy wolf pack and he’s been here for 4 weeks just living his dream of having a living family and a companion in princess.

Little did bishop know, we saved each other in that the depression from my breakup was causing me to hold princess a lot more than usual. He helped push me out of it and I tot he other side. He will never know how clutch he has been in that aspect of My life.

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