BLITZ — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: chittenango, New York

my senior hero has been by my side 18+ y. thru a harrowing time of life which affected me as PTSS w/out even knowing it. as a dog who went to both schools &nursing homes before it was a big deal to be certified, he just went as i volunteered there, blitz took it upon himself to offer therapy. an atypical GSH, i always call him my “yoga dog”.he slept with &kept warm many a wild animal baby in the days i was a rehabber: rabbits, opposums, racoons, even baby turkeys,all while being of the sporting group. blitz took it upon himself to jump in the car during a time when unbeknownst to me, i was suffering from PTSS. he’s been a ranch dog, herding cattle like its 2nd nature with the border collies. he’s hiked 3-10mi per day 365 days a yr in all weather & i think this is why he is still healthy& alive. he has taught the ropes to 2 other dogs in the past yr, now these pups are absolute perfect behaved canines. 1 of the times he actually saved my life is when there was a propane leak in a pipe in the garage &he barked incessantly. once in MT, our 2nd home, he backed away from a grizzly we came upon, &actually kept his head down, silent, not aggravating the bear, as we both moved backwards. any other dog wouldve gone straight for the bear. hes been bitten by a rattlesnake & survived. he’s kept me warm while stuck in white out snow on a mountain road. as the daughter of a DVM, ive had many dogs. blitz is the epitome of canine hero. and still ticking ! lots more pics avail!