Blue Ivy — Shelter

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Ivy is an American Bulldog that I rescued from a ‘breeder’ at 5 weeks of age. I originally went to look at a different puppy but when I arrived, Ivy was off by herself and isolated from the other pups of her litter. I asked the breeder why she was alone and he said ‘she’s deaf, she’s worthless!’ I asked if I could hold her, he hesitated but finally obliged. I asked what he was going to do with her and he responded ‘give her to my brother, he fights dogs, she’ll be bait!’ My heart stopped and I immediately said ‘I’ll take her!’ He kept assuring me that she wasn’t the puppy for me but I refused to look at any of the others, my mind was made up!

Ivy has been with me and my boyfriend every since that day. She is going to be 5 this July! Ivy has learned sign language and how to read lips and body language. She’s very smart and very intuitive. Ivy is our blessing and I believe we are her blessing because only god knows where she’d be today, IF, she would even still be alive.