Bo — Shelter

Location: Tarzana, California

Bo The Miracle Dog

I rushed to the Kill shelter to meet BO and to my surprise no one was there to help, but I knew in my heart we needed eachother. I rushed him to the emergency vet, he was skin and bones, and not only did they tell me he would never walk again the veterinarian suspected the worst, cancer!

He received a spinal tap, and MRI and it showed a nasty bone cancer putting pressure on his spine causing his paralysis. I brought him home and like clockwork he would drag himself into the corner of the bathroom for 2 weeks. He was horribly depressed missing his previous owner. He refused to eat, and hunched his back in extreme pain.

Then the day came he dragged himself out of the bathroom and laid by my feet at the couch. I knew then he wasn’t giving up and told the veterinarian we are not euthanizing, we are going to fight! I was also in that moment deciding to fight!

The dragging turned into BO using all his might to stand and would you know it he was standing stronger each day! BO and I went for what we called daily walks and together it was saving both of our lives. It gave me purpose and he felt my pain and fought for me I know it! The doctors were in shock they couldn’t believe he was walking. Each step he would take caused me to take a step towards hope and that light.

My dream was to take him to the dog park so he could just feel like a normal dog again and I had no idea what was going to happen next! He not only walked at the park he ran!

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