Bo — Shelter

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

My dog’s name is Bo. He is about 14. We rescued him in September of 2011 two months after my first dog Dakota died. Bo’s first owners were an old couple. One ended up passing away and the other one ended up in a nursing home. He had a stepbrother named Rennie. His stepbrother Rennie passed away in 2015 from a tumor that turned out to be cancer. After Bo’s first owners were no longer able to take care of him a lady named Doreen and her husband Don fostered him for 6 months total. We rescued him through Indiana Sheltie Rescue. Bo’s first owners kept overfeeding him and he became really heavy. So we had to start taking him on extra long walks to help him lose weight. And it worked. Bo likes to sleep next to my mom in bed a lot. He sleeps a lot more downstairs now. He makes me feel a lot better when I’m feeling my anxiety. I am currently on an anti-anxiety pill that is slowly making my days a lot better. My dog is part of the healing process. It’s the best feeling when you know there are different ways to feel better. Including being able to hug a dog. Our entire family are huge dog lovers and have been forever. My parents both grew up with dogs when they were little. Rescuing Bo is something I’m glad I did. I believe every dog deserves a second chance just like humans. I am honored to be nominating my dog for a second year. Thank you and may the best dog win.