Boomer — Shelter

Location: Gulf Breeze, Florida

This is Boomer. He was a shelter rescue and I am his foster. He will go on to become a service dog for a Veteran , but he definitely is my hero. On two occasions Boomer stayed with me while I was sleep walking. The first time I awoke and came In the house and hadn’t realized how often I was out in the middle of the night. The second time I left with my keys sleep walking and Boomer blocked the walkway and barked not letting me through. I woke up and the first thing that startled me was he was out front where he wasn’t allowed, but as I came awake I realized I had been sleep walking again and Boomer was not going to let me get in that car. Boomer may have come from a shelter where we get all out service dogs, but he already was providing service before training. Thank you Boomer.

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