Bowie — Service

Location: Somonauk, Illinois

When Bowie and I became a working team on May 28, 2019 I never dreamed how much he would change, improve and even save my life!
Five days after he moved into my home I was woken in the early morning hours by a popping sound. I looked around, saw nothing and went back to sleep. A couple minutes later Bowie started growling and barking. I told him quiet but he persisted. When I opened my eyes I saw a fire had broken out under the aquarium and my room had quickly filled with smoke from the burning plastic and wood. Being a quadriplegic disabled veteran my biggest fears were coming true. Fortunately I was able to call my wife who quickly put out the fire before anyone was injured! I sleep better at night knowing that he Is by my side watching over and protecting me.
While this cemented our bond, he is much more than a service dog to me. He has become my constant companion, my right hand and my little guardian. If he’s not by my side and I drop something or make a sound he will come running to check on me.
Before Bowie came along I did not go out very much because in my mind I always felt like people were staring at the man in the wheelchair. Now I am much more inclined to go places with my family because I feel like people are no longer staring at the man in the wheelchair, but rather their attention is drawn to the beautiful service dog and I love that!!
He has reestablished my confidence and supplied me with a real sense of independence that I haven’t felt in years!