Bowie — Shelter

Location: Denver, Colorado

Bowie is an 11yr old chihuahua mix that I adopted at 3yrs old. I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013, throughout my whole treatment little Bowie was very observant. Almost 5yrs in remission and my cancer returned. Bowie went to work and started waking me up when I would pass out, alerting me before I would get sick, and waiting outside the bathroom while I was sick. He had watched everything my previous caregiver did, and since they had left Bowie stepped into the role. This picture is while he was sleeping beside me in my chemo chair. My mom was also diagnosed with cancer, so he started going to the nursing home to cheer her up too. He has become a little hero in the eyes of all the nurses and patients who enjoy his company. He is the perfect example of how awesome rescue dogs can be!!!!