Breslyn — Therapy

Location: Grand Haven, Michigan

Breslyn has done amazing work as a Therapy Dog in calming a child in the emergency room to helping a grieving family whose loved one had just been brought in by ambulance. I have seen Breslyn a 122 lb Newfie lay down next to young teen going through a tough time, I said nothing as Bres did all the work and listened while the girl whispering into her ear! We stayed with young girl for as long as we were needed her parents were sitting in the corner crying quietly watching the miracle of The Bres speaking to her their daughter! When we did have to leave the parents gave Bres and I hug and said thank you. The daughter then went over to her mom and dad and gave them a hug and we quietly left the room. On another occasion Bres was asked to go to see this family who was having a rough time and there family of all ages there. We walked in and they looked up and the one adult put out her arms and Bres went right to her and she sat in front of this person while she cried! As the door opened a Dr walked in and said now is the time to say goodbye there were two little boys there I said I could stay for a little bit with them as they were playing with Bres they thanked me and went to say goodbye to their loved one. Bres reads at a school also and I am amazed to see how well the kids improve throughout the year that we are there and these are all Special Needs, Autstic and one is Downs. The whole middle school know we are as we walk down the hall. I am so very Proud of my Breslyn!