Brody — Shelter

Location: Naperville, Illinois

While I was hospitalized, a therapy dog visited me. I knew then what I wanted to do with the rest of my life…I made a promise to adopt a rescued dog to pay it forward. Almost a year later, I looked beyond the bedraggled, skeleton-like appearance of a young sable collie. He’d been picked up by animal control and his owner refused to pay his fine. Fortunately, a collie rescue group snagged him in the nick of time. Something told me he had the “right stuff.” Besides, like me, he was a survivor. With optimistic blind faith, I drove hundreds of miles from Chicago to adopt the dog that would help me keep my promise. Fast forward 6 years: “Brody” not only helped me heal, but serves as a therapy dog visiting children of all ages in schools and adults in nursing homes. He helps me teach cartooning and reading to kids. He’s learned to perform some amazing tricks that encourage kids to stay on task. Also, he’s an ambassador dog for Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois, often playing a framed jailed dog while I play a police officer at pet expos. He’s helped me issue hundreds of tickets! How? Sympathetic spectators are lured, they happen to stop next to a fire hydrant. Thus, Officer McGrowl (me) writes up a parking ticket. It’s all in good fun, the kids love it, and Brody raises funds to help homeless collies. Nothing is more fun than seeing a dog in bright orange dance with a police officer. Brody’s my heart We share our love and pay it forward in a wonderful partnership.

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