Brown Sugar — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Winchester, Ohio

I am an average-looking, humor loving, 19 year old who has an amazing piece of medical equipment which has four paws, fur, and one goofy smile. Brown Sugar is my 85lb, Labrador mix, Multipurpose Service Dog. Sugar’s mother was a humongous, pure-bred, Black Lab who found love with a, back-alley, stray. My life-changing Service Dog was, indeed, a fortunate accident. Initially, she was an outside farm dog keeping a watchful eye on every acre of our farm. However, from the beginning I subconsciously trained her to be my Service Dog. My illnesses progressively worsened to the point of barely leaving my house. I desperately needed around-the-clock care to which she wholeheartedly stepped up to the full time position. She advanced quickly through my specialized task and environmental training due to a combination of previous training and her brilliance. She went from never staying inside a building to constantly being at my side. I’m currently enrolled in a local university, where she gladly accompanies me. We start our days with slobbering kisses enrobed in the “sweet” aroma of dog breath. After the 45 minute drive, we head into class – Sugar’s tail, always, wagging as she completely enjoys her job. For Sugar, her job is not a job, its being with me. Our future holds a law degree with plans to advocate for disabled people. It’s challenging having multiple disabilities, but with my Brown Sugar I am independent. She is my best friend, lifeline, and Hero Dog!

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