Bruno — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Kingman, Arizona
Bruno is a 7 month old German shepherd that is in training for a United States Marine combat veteran. Bruno was donated to us to be paired with a veteran, after looking for our veteran knowing that there are so many out there needing PTSD dogs. We found Garret who served in combat and lost hearing in his left ear and suffers from nightmares, Like many other veterans he doesn’t like to be out in public. Bruno and Garett met and hit it off. They are training and learning together in classes, and some of Bruno’s tasks include checking corners, body blocking, watching his six, and while Bruno hasn’t yet been trained to he has woken Garett from nightmares. Bruno has given Garett some of his freedom in his life back. And once Bruno is fully trained he will go to work with Garett and family outings. Bruno is an American Hero Dog.