Buck — Therapy

Charity Partner: Attitudes in Reverse
Location: Staten Island, New York

Buck came into our lives to help heal our broken hearts after our dog Gunner lost his battle with Megaesophagus. This little terror tested us to no end and rivaled the most unruly dogs of reality TV. Entering Buck into obedience classes proved to be our saving grace and we were encouraged by the trainers to ready him for the therapy dog exam. Buck passed the test with flying colors and set out to change my life as well as the strangers who immediately became his dear friends. An unsung hero of the therapy dog world Buck has become a friend to countless seniors and veterans who thought a new best friend was a thing of the past. This was most evident with his special friend Bill who at 98 years old had entered an assisted living facility after his canine companion had passed away. Buck was an honored guest at Bill’s 100th birthday party, at his bedside in his final days and said his goodbye at the wake where pictures of these two special friends were prominently displayed. Bill’s family regarded Buck as his dear friend and included Buck in every aspect of his military funeral. There are many who have formed a special bond with Buck and they cherish the moments they get to spend with him. Our outreach has expanded to Veteran’s dinners at our farm where they are truly part of Buck’s ever growing family. Buck has taught me that moments matter most, there is much to be learned from sharing a moment in time and the best we can hope for is to become someone’s beautiful memory.