BudaBear — Service

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Buda is excellent at what he does and it’s not only for me but he has helped other people as well in nursing homes at my doctor’s office once a man came and and sat down a little distance from us and all of the sudden buda jumped up and ran straight to him and stayed by his side come to find out the man’s pacemaker was acting up and buda picked up on it he never left the man’s side until the nurse came out to get him buda has also found two people in the apartment building where I used to live that had passed away one of them I had known for 25 years buda went to the door and was whining and crying,barking anything trying to let me know I knocked no answer neighbors hadn’t seen her in a couple of days so I called the police to do a wellness check on her and that’s how he found her buda is extremely awesome with kids or anybody someone pulled a gun on me once he wanted to act in self defense for me but I wouldn’t let him hes a hero in my book.