Buddy — Shelter

Location: Booneville, Mississippi

Buddy is a peek-a-poo and although he has no training or credentials he is still my hero. He has saved my life twice now. The first time was 4 years ago. I hurt my back and the doctor had given me some muscle relaxer and it turned out I was allergic to it. Buddy was in my lap and he must have sensed something was wrong. All I know is that way in the back of my mind I kept hearing him with his high pitched voice barking as if he was a far off. As I started coming around I felt him jumping up and down on my chest and between barks he was licking my face. Once I came to and realized I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine, my face had started to swell and my lips were turning blue. I was able to get my neighbor and call 911. The doctor said had I not come to when I did I might not have made it. Thanks to Buddy I made it to the hospital in time. The second time he saved me was in December 2018. I have sleep apnea and even though I have a cpap that night, somehow, I had gotten my mask off while asleep and had stopped breathing. Once again Buddy came to my rescue. He got on my chest and kept licking and barking till I woke up. When I did wake up, I did so grasping for air. It seems with my mask off I had stopped breathing. Once Buddy had me awake he refused to let me lay back down till I had gotten up and washed my face and took some deep breaths. Buddy will always be my Hero, the picture was taken the morning he saved me in December.

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