Buddy — Service

Location: Winslow, Indiana

Before buddy came into my life, I never left my home and I would only sleep about 20 minutes at a time. Since his arrival, I have been able to increase my sleeping episodes up to a few hours at a time. As I learn to trust that he will wake me before a night terror, my sleep episodes are getting longer. When we go out, he is always monitoring my surroundings. I have lost or peripheral vision, so buddy has become my eyes. He ensures others do not get too close, he also monitors me for any signs of issues. If he senses and attack coming, he will get my attention and lead me away from the situation. He does blocking for me when in public. At home he monitors for any issues and will perform deep pressure techniques. Since he has come into my life I have started to live again after being in a very Trumatic situation for many years. Without buddy, I was not able to leave my home. Now I have a real life.