Buddy Holly — Therapy

Location: Floydada, Texas

My name is Buddy Holly and I have been sworn to tell the truth.

I am 8 years old and in 2012 my mom adopted me from Japanese Chin Rescue.

I became a Therapy Dog in 2017 and have logged over 230 visits with approximately 500 hours. Since I became an Alliance of Therapy Dogs member last March I have logged 88 visits.

You see, I love people. Old people, young people and people of all ages. I love visiting the children and letting them pet my soft fur. I usually leave them with a small stuffed puppy and a picture of myself with my famous fedora. A therapist asked me one day to walk with a little boy who had brain surgery. Not only did he walk for the first time, he smiled for the first time since the surgery. I love the families of these patients and they love me. I also visit the school and let the kids read to me. One little boy could hardly read when we started and now he always looks forward to me coming to show me his new book – his cheese balls aren’t bad either. I have several nurse “girlfriends” that will stop what they are doing, including leaving a patient, to come get some “therapy”. I am also a dancing dog. Along with several other “furry therapists” we belong to Prancin Paws and Ruff Rockers freestyle group. We provide entertainment to schools, nursing homes, hospitals and anywhere that we can make people smile. Of course my favorite music is Buddy Holly.

I have the worlds greatest job – making people happy.