Bugatti — Shelter

Location: Cody, Wyoming

From the picture Bugatti looks like a normal dog, but this boy is far from normal in so many ways. You see he was thrown out like trash from a moving truck. This was witnessed by someone and went right away to his rescue. It was immediate that something was not right with Bugatti. See he could barely walk. His back legs were so buckled under him that he couldn’t stand straight up or even walk like a normal dog. He was immediately taken to the shelter and it was thought he would be put to sleep because of his condition. Well it was then that his initial rescuer and another angel stepped in to see if he could be saved. So many reasons were taken into consideration but one thing that stood out was that Bugatti still loved humans, even after he had already been through so much in his short life…he was less than a year old. So x-rays were sent off and “YES!!” it was determined he could possibly have a good life and be like a normal dog. A rescue, Big Dogs Huge Paws stepped up and said we will help him. He went to a foster home and with 2 surgeries thus far under his belt he is a leading example of what rescue and a little love does. Bugatti is a voice not only for rescue but his breed. He may look intimidating but he’s becoming an awesome spokes dog that looks don’t really show who you are. He is known world-wide and has many people are still rooting for him. He is currently working on his story…his book and hopes to help rescues with his story.