Calamity — Shelter

Location: Port Deposit, Maryland

Calamity is a 3 year old, deaf and blind, Australian Shepherd. Calamity was surrendered at 8 weeks old to a rescue organization. She very quickly became a “foster fail” and stayed within the organization as a spokesdog.

Calamity is a true underdog and has overcome many challenges in her short time on earth. Calamity was born deaf and at 10 months old she lost the vision in her right eye. This was very hard for her owner, but Calamity didn’t seem to mind and continued to thrive and be a happy dog. At a year and 9 months old, the vision in her left eye was lost, leaving her totally blind.

Despite how terrifying this would be to a person, Calamity was able to adapt and is now living a very normal and fulfilled life.
At 3 years old, Calamity is a spokesdog for the rescue that saved her, Keller’s Cause. She travels around the east coast and educates the public on special needs dogs and just how normal they can be. Calamity knows a ton of special tricks, and is able to compete in rally obedience all by communicating through touch.

Calamity and her mom have dedicated their lives to helping others understand that disabilities are only what you make them.
AH/Hallmark Employee