Canaan — Shelter

Location: Friday Harbor, Washington Friday Harbor

In August of 2018 we were at the beach with Canaan(border collie) and our six month old border collie pup (Zeke). Canaan was swimming and fetching a stick while Zeke was digging in the sand. Zeke slowing entered the water and began to swim out to sea. Zeke would not respond to a recall command and keep swimming further out until he was 3-400 yards off shore and entering the traffic lane for the Washington State ferry. The water in Washington State is between 55 and 58 degrees. I could not get Zeke to return. Canaan is a well trained champion agility dog. I attempted to send Canaan out to get Zeke by using directional queues but failed to get Canaan even close to Zeke. I called Canaan and told him thing were grim and it was time for him to take action. He turned entered the water and swam with great earnest in a straight line to Zeke over the moderate swells. Canaan circled behind Zeke and herded Zeke in a direct line to the shore prodding Zeke in the haunches with his snout. Canaan successfully drove Zeke to the beach using his strength and independently solving a complex problem with nothing more than a statement from me “it is time for action”. As Canaan and Zeke swam to the beach, two ferries over 400 feet long passed through the traffic lanes that Zeke had entered and was recused from by Canaan.

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