Cashmere — Therapy

Location: Manassas, Virginia

Cashmere amazes me with her versatility and love of people. Since she was little she has enjoyed making people happy and comfortable with situations. Her smile is inviting and she gives sweetness. She has worked with children in the county alternative middle school to help them learn how to do better in school, with their peers, anxiety and in everyday life. She has participated in the local library reading program to help children gain confidence reading. She has attended church too. She has helped many children and adults learn that they do not necessarily need to be afraid of dogs, to learn how to be around a dog. Cashmere goes to see my mother in assisted living and talks and smiles with everyone she sees. She also has taught puppies of all ages how to behave and be nice to be around. She is good with babies and people of all ages.

We have some friends with Service Dogs and when they come to visit, she will give the Service Dogs a break so they can play and rest with their friends and family. She does this by staying next to their human partner at their feet or interacting with them. She gives the feeling of a safe place to be.

She alerts to my husband’s low blood sugar, sciatica pain, when he needs to rest and drink more water. She was the Flower Girl at our wedding.

Having Cashmere around makes me feel like anything is possible.
She is my very best friend and I love her so much!!!

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