Chance — Therapy

Location: PASO ROBLES, California

Chance has only been a therapy dog since August of 2019. His very first session was with a soldier who was suffering from PTSD. The session last approximately four hours at a local hospital. That soldier has recovered and is back working at Camp Roberts in California. Since his first session Chance has done 40 more. His is a regular at the Grizzly Youth Academy at Camp San Luis Obispo which is a National Guard training base. Chance also visits retirement homes and assisted living facilities. People often remark that Chance has a very laid back and easy going demeanor for a German Shepherd which I think makes him a great therapy dog. I should also like to mention that Chance is the first therapy dog in the California State Guard and also the first narcotics detection dog in the California State Guard. When he is not at Camp Roberts or Camp San Luis Obispo, Chance enjoys playing with his two best friends, “Teddy” a German Shepherd and “Present” a three legged cat that my wife rescued. Chance is my Hero as he is to all the soldiers and civilians he comes in contact with.