Chance — Shelter

Location: Hollywood, Florida

Chance is a 6 year old American bulldog . While we didn’t rescue him from a shelter we rescued him from an awful back yard breeder . About four years ago me and my fiancé had just brought home our new born baby boy we had invited people over to celebrate so we are all hanging out outside everyone taking turns seeing the baby when I decide to go inside take him a bath and put him down for bed . As I’m taking him a bath our amazing dog chance who loves my kids as if they are his own was with me licking the bath water licking my son when all of a sudden he growls his ears goes up and he heads straight for the kitchen at this point I knew something wasn’t right so I take my son out put him back in his crib and walk to the kitchen when all of a sudden chance lunges over the kitchen. Gate and I hear the door slam . On the other side of that door my fiancé and friends were in the ground guns drawn to their head . The man had cane inside with his gun and because of my dog the men were scared away . Who knows what could have happened but I owe my life to this dog .