chance bowieguard westerhold — Shelter

Location: Wayne, Nebraska

I feel like my hero Chance bowie refused westwrhold should win because he was down in hurricane Harvey and was in a high kill shelter in Tyler Texas and he was recused the same day just minutes before he was supposed to be taking back to be euthanized. At the same time in the state of Nebraska me and my wife just bought are first house ever and just closed on it earlier that morning and got a call that night saying it was on fire we lost most of the house had no where to go or anywhere to turn at all red Cross didn’t help us at all or anything we had to do it all are selves and just as we were about ready to give up her friend said I can’t have animals either but let’s go look at the animal shter in Norfolk be the and I just got off work and got a message saying dont u think I’m adorable with his one blue and one brown eye lookija cute family member I was totally lost bc bad day at work. And I open up the picture and saw him and I just lost it I could see him just staring into my soul needing the help I did I went in there and he was only one not barking and I went in the cage and sat next to him even as nervous as he was came over to me curled up in a ball and laid his head on me and it felt like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulder and I couldn’t say no to him it was just to perfect got had a home for him and God knew that j needed him to help me get through all my issues with everything going on he’s was there for us and we walk every night and he sleeps with me